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How Do I Prepare For Anal Play?

Updated: Mar 8

Hi friends! As you all know this is a safe place to ask any question you might have, and one really common one we get is "how does Sunny prep for pegging." Anyone who is into pegging has this question and we have not found a lot of great insight online so we had a lot of trial and error and we would love to share with you our routine for pegging and even my anal play- especially with us being on camera we have found a way to nearly perfect this!

The most important thing to remember- and we have even come up with a cute saying for this is don't be angry at pooh for where pooh lives.

Shit happens, literally and it is really important to not shame yourself or your partner if and when this happens! We always have a towel with us just in case!

Step one: Make sure that who ever is receiving anal has a happy tummy and has an idea of their last bowel movement. Normal stools and that you don't feel gassy. It is what it is but ensure that you are truly feeling up to this! Do not ever feel pressured to play if you are not feeling up to it.

Step Two: Using an anal douche NOT A VAGINAL douche from the store (learned from experience, the vinegar will burn your ass and the tip is really sharp- please do not do this) fill your douche with lube and warm water (from my experience as an internal medicine nurse and actually doing colonoscopy's and enema's warm water and lube work the best) find a comfortable seat on the toilet, relax, insert your douche, and use until clear. I have found that squeezing in a steady stream or pulsing can work best. How many times you need to douche before clear is up to your body. Always use lube on the outside of the douche as well for comfort and to prevent anal tearing,

Step Three: We have found that waiting at least 30 minutes after douching before playing. Douching can stimulate your GI tract to move and you may need to douche more, or you may retain a little bit of water as this is a cavity, so giving yourself extra time is always important!

Step four: I shave Sunny's ass lol but this step is not always necessary- we just mainly do this for filming reasons, but have found that with a hairy ass can be hard to navigate with pegging, and I like pretty butt holes 😉

After play: Hygiene and cleaning up when you are done is absolutely important after anal play. This means getting a anti-bacterial toy cleaner for any toys that you used for you play, along with ensuring that everyone has urinated that was penetrated or did the penetrating to prevent UTI's along with cleaning your area with mild soap to ensure that no bacteria lingers. FYI Skye Really likes the Fleet brand saline enemas that you can pick up at your local rx store. Using the ones that are plain saline I will repeat the process above. If your store only has the laxative ones go ahead and dump out the contents of the enema and fill it up with lube and warm water instead.


Is douching always necessary? No it really isn't, and just depends on your bowel movements and what you are comfortable with honestly. We do this every time we film now and I do recommend this for anyone getting starting into pegging or if they are worried about something like this turning their partner off to pegging. This can also just take accidents off your mind and allow for full enjoyment.

There are so many different types of douches, what do I pick? This is up to you and how comfortable you are with this. We personally use a reusable bulb douche we have found it to be comfortable, easy to use, and easy to clean. These come in lots of shapes and sizes so feel free to experiment!

How often can I douche: You can do this as often as you feel, some people actually have a douching kink! But studies recommend not more then 4-5 times a week as it can potentially throw off your electrolytes and can increase your risk of tissue trauma.

What are the risks of douching? The risks of douching are low, but can possibly throw off your electrolytes if done too regularly. Another risk is rectal tear if you do not use a rounded tip or douching too aggressively. Be kind to your butt 😃


Shit Happens, and it is perfectly normal and OKAY! Do not feel bad about it, don't make your partner feel bad about it. Also know that anal play can be enjoyed without douching as well just remember when

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