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Our Favorite Toys for Him and Her (and Both!)

Updated: Feb 27

Sunny and I are no strangers to sex toys, but we weren’t always fluent in wands and dildos. It took us years to figure out the toys we loved the most. We’ve used over 100 sex toys, and it’s truly been a privilege to try so many. But we also understand that many of you don’t have the cash (or the closet space) for dozens of toys. 

So, we put our heads (and bodies 😻) together and made a list of our favorite sex toys. That way, you can experience the toys we love the most along with us. 

Below, I’ve recommended my all-time favorite toys for vulva-havers, and Sunny has done the same for those with penises. We’ve also included a couple of toys we love using together. We can’t guarantee that these sex toys will be your favorites too. After all, we all have different bodies and kinks. But, we can guarantee that these toys are safe, reliable, and made with the very best materials. 

We’ve had an absolute blast making this list, and we can’t wait to tell you more about each toy below! 

All products mentioned in the article are available on Use the code SunnyandSkye to get 15% off your first order!

Our Favorite Toys

The sex toys on this list are the ones we keep coming back to again and again. These toys are affordable, durable, intuitive, and safe. And most importantly, they add lots of new sensations to our sex life. We’ve incorporated these toys into our solo play, mutual masturbation, foreplay, and sex. We’re still exploring new ways to get off with each one.

Skye’s Favorite Sex Toys 

Nothing beats the power of a full-size wand. It gets the job done every time. Most women reach for a wand or a bullet when masturbating, and I’m definitely a wand girl. This wand by Le Wand is our all-time favorite. It packs the long-lasting power of a corded wand in a sleek, cordless package. 

The large massager head is made of extra soft silicone, making it easy and comfortable to rest directly on your clit. If I want to come quickly, that’s how I do it! This wand is also ideal for exploration and foreplay. I can feel the rumbly vibes on my clit and vagina even when I use it to massage my inner thigh or mons (the mound of skin above the clitoris). 

Something else I love about this wand is its versatility. I can use it while laying on my back, I can grind on it while on my stomach, or I can straddle it while giving Sunny head. Sunny also enjoys it as a penis vibrator—yes, wands feel amazing on dicks too! 

While I love wands, they can be bulky and loud. This ultra-compact vibrator by Le Wand is nice for taking with you on trips or for when you need something a little quieter. The horseshoe shape hugs your clit in comfy silicone and tantalizes you with its vibrating arms. It’s also fun to use on nipples! It has 15 vibrating modes and 6 intensity levels, so you adjust it to be as gentle or body-quaking as you want.

Thanks to its mini-size, this vibrator is easy to use while playing with your partner. I can hold it on my clit during sex and it doesn’t get in Sunny’s way. I’ve tried using bullet vibrators during sex too, but none were as comfortable as this vibrator. 

Glass dildos don’t get enough love. There's just something about glass that feels so good. I love using super slick silicone lube with my glass dildo—that’s something you can’t do with silicone toys. Glass stays slick and slippery, unlike soft rubbery toys which can get dry and tug. Glass toys are also a lot of fun for temperature play. These can be warmed up in warm water or cooled in the freezer depending on your preference.

But most of all, glass toys are really easy to clean, and that’s so important when using sex toys. 

Gläs is a brand I trust when going for glass toys. Their dildos are made of incredibly strong, fracture-resistant glass. This Purple Rain dildo is generous with its girth and length, and the hard ridges are wonderful for deep g-spot stimulation. Pair it with a clitoral vibrator for extra fun! This dildo also doubles as a prostate massager. Sunny and I have both got a lot of mileage from it, and it will last us for years. 

Every woman should have a good suction dildo. This one is perfect all around from size to texture and quality. And I’ll admit, the confetti design adds to the fun! 

The first time I used suction dildos, I thought they were only good for sticking to the wall in the shower. While that is a lot of fun, Sunny and I found about 50 more creative ways that a suction dildo can supercharge your kinks. I love sticking it to the floor and riding it while using my hands or mouth on Sunny, and he’s used it too while eating me out. We have also found that bringing a dildo into play can be a safe and fun way to explore double penetration with your partner. 

Sunny’s Favorite Sex Toys

If you’ve never used a male masturbator before, you need to try a TENGA Spinner. If you have, you still need to try one. This stroker combines pumping and rotating sensations for an intensely pleasurable experience. It doesn’t feel like you’re jerking off. It feels like your dick is getting a professional tantric massage.

At under $30, the Spinner has everything you want. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and it’s fun to use alone or with a partner. There are a bunch of types to try, and each one has unique textures inside. Every guy should have a stroker, and this is a great first one to buy. 

I always recommend that any guy curious about anal play should get a set of plugs. It can be hard to pick just one plug. If you choose one that’s too big, you’ve got to buy another. Buy one that’s too small, and you’ll be bored. Skip all that and get a set! 

When you buy a set, you can start small and work your way up. This is how I started experimenting with anal play, and I still use plugs today. B-vibe makes a few excellent butt plug sets. I love their glass plugs because I can use silicone lube with them, which I find to be the best lube for anal play. This set comes with four plugs that get thicker as you go. If you’re interested in pegging, they are fantastic for helping you prepare to take something like a dildo. 

This is my all-around favorite dildo for solo anal play and pegging. It's the perfect size. Not too intimidating for beginners but not too small for those that are experienced as well. The slight curve makes it easy to massage the realistic head against my prostate during solo play. If Skye  wants to get rougher when pegging, she knows I can take this girth (less than 2 inches) without a problem.

Prostate massages are a must for any guy looking to explore prostate pleasure. They’re super easy to use solo and even more fun with a partner. The LELO Billy 2 is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever used thanks to its ergonomic design and big buttons. And when I say comfortable, I mean for my back door and my wrist—sometimes I feel like a pretzel when I use other prostate massagers!

While smaller prostate massagers are good for hands-free fun, the Billy’s large handle makes it easy to apply targeted pressure and stimulation to your P-zone. For this reason, it’s the best prostate massager we’ve used as a couple, hands down. Skye can maneuver this thing like a pro. This massager is also a good entry into exploring pegging play with your partner as it acts as a penetrator. Skye can use this to explore at a pace that I enjoy. 

Our Favorite Toys for Couples

We never knew what we were missing out on until we got these sex pillows. These are game-changers! We had used pillows for propping up my butt, but they were always too soft. These wedge pillows are firm, helping us find and maintain the right position when Sunny hits just the right spot. 

They’re also a godsend for my chronic back pain. These wedges are really great for anyone who needs a little extra support. The first time I bent over the large wedge during doggy style, I realized just how awesome these pillows are. For the first time, I didn’t have to support my weight and balance on my hands and knees. The pillow did that for me so I could relax and melt into a puddle of bliss. These wedges don’t just enhance common positions. They also make it easy and fun to try new ones. The pillows include a bunch of suggestions, and you can see many more in our videos 😉. 

Sunny and I love using a vibrator during PiV sex, but most of them either get in the way of his dick or keep my hands busy. The Sync 2 solves both of those problems. The little horseshoe-shaped vibrator inserts into the vagina, with one arm positioned on the G-spot and the other on the clit. It’s like a vibrating paper clip! Sunny can feel vibrations along his shaft as he thrusts into me, and I can achieve dual orgasms (clit + G-spot) while holding onto him for dear life. 

The We-Vibe Sync 2 can also be operated remotely with the We-Vibe App, which creates endless opportunities for foreplay and discreet play. I love inserting the vibrator and giving Sunny total control over my pleasure as I work, do chores, or have dinner. By the time we get to the bedroom, I can barely see straight. 

Bonus: Our Favorite Lube

Sometimes it feels like we go through more lube than water in our house! So, we need a lube that will last a long time and protect our skin from dryness or irritation. We’ve emptied dozens of bottles of lube, and today, we trust Sliquid.

Sliquid is a US brand of sex lube dedicated to making the cleanest, most body-safe lubes on the market. Sliquid has been around for over 2 decades, and it’s one of the highest-rated lube brands of all time. 

We use a lot of toys, and we practice pegging. So, clean and high-quality lube is really important to both of us. The inside of the ass and vagina are extra sensitive areas, and some lube can cause irritation. We’ve never had trouble with Sliquid. 

When we use toys, we usually go for Sliquid H2O. This water-based lube lasts much longer than most other water-based products. When we play with our glass toys, we use Sliquid Silver, an extra-slick silicone lube. Sliquid makes over 100 products, so we never feel like we’re limiting ourselves. 

Where We Buy Our Toys 

Buying sex toys requires a lot of trust. That’s why we never buy them from sex shops off the highway or gift stores at the mall. We do our research into manufacturers and retailers to ensure we’re getting safe toys that feel great and last a while. 

There are a lot of low-quality sex toys out there. Cheaper sex toys are often harder to clean, and sometimes the materials are not body-safe. We have also found them to not be powerful enough. The batteries run out of steam before we do, and they are not reliable. It’s not worth wasting your time and money on them if there’s a better orgasm out there waiting!

Our first stop for sex toys is Condomania. Why? Because we trust them. Condomania is America’s first-ever condom shop. It opened in 1991 in New York City. Today, it’s an online store, and the team has over 30 years of experience with condoms, sex toys, lube, and other kinky goodness. Condomania carries our favorite brands, like LELO, Sliquid, Le Wand, and Gläs. And, we get free shipping, free discreet packaging/billing, and free goodies with our orders. 

Use the code SunnyandSkye to get 15% off your first order at Condomania!

It’s also important to us to support a grassroots American retailer that does good in the community instead of a giant corporation. Condomania has worked with the CDC, Planned Parenthood, and even a stripper’s union to promote safe sex initiatives. 

If Condomania doesn’t have the toy we want, we buy it straight from the manufacturer, if possible. 

Try a Sex Toy with Us! 

Sunny and I were really excited about making this list, and not only because we love gushing about sex toys. We can’t wait for you to try some of our favorites and tell us what you think! We’d also love to hear your toy recommendations. If you’ve tried one that blows your mind, we want to know about it. Who knows? You might see it make an appearance in one of our videos!


Sex toys aren’t just about getting off. They can help you discover new kinks and bring you closer to your partner. One of the first kinks we explored with toys was pegging. As we continued to try new toys, we unlocked so many doors to new pleasures. We thought our sex life was like a house, but toys helped us realize that it’s actually a mansion. And there are still so many rooms we have yet to explore! If you’re curious about toys, we hope you can experience the same thrills and adventures we have. If you’re not ready or interested, that’s fine too! Toys don’t define your sexuality. You do!

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