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Welcome kinky friend

We are so excited you are here and grateful for your kinks and curiosities! Our passion is to help normalize the conversations around kink, help you explore without shame and be a safe sounding board for you.

Come explore your kinks with us!

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About Us

We are Sunny and Skye, we are a married ethically open couple who believes in removing shame around kinks and creating a safe place for you to explore them. We both know what it is like to not only feel so much shame from society about sexual exploration but also have felt shamed by our partners for our desires and we want to advocate for a world of sexual liberation and love. 

Come explore your kinks

Come be a part of our kink friendly community and get immediate access to over 60 full length videos, new full-length video releases every week, daily posts, unlimited messaging with Skye, and a safe space to explore all of your curiosities. 

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Due to the high voume of messages we recieve on our platforms we only chat and connect through our OnlyFans site. This ensures that our paying friends are getting as much attention as possible and that we are building true connections with real people. We mean it when we say we are incredibly excited to meet you, learn about your kinks, and be your kinky friends!

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