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Erotic Fan submission

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

At times we stumble upon a friend so wonderful on our site that we want to share some of what they share with us, and this one amazing man in particular writes the more incredible, steamy, and tantalizing erotica that I just need to share. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do. A Birthday Gift

We walked hand in hand down the hallway of the hotel as I guide you. The blindfold preventing you from seeing our destination just yet. You were curious but excited as we left the private jet at the airport. I wouldn’t tell you where we were going, no matter how much you begged. The city was totally unfamiliar and the darkness of the evening didn’t help matters. We stop before a door as I turn and hold your face in my hands. I lean over and lightly touch your lips with mine. “This night is all about you my dear” I whisper as I open the door. I pull you inside and you hear the door close behind you. Once again I lead you and after a few steps put my hands on your shoulders and turn you to face away from me. I gently remove the blindfold and you see Niagara Falls at night, lit up with multi-colored searchlights.

“Happy Birthday love” I say as I turn you around and kiss you again. You smile and look around you. The huge window gives a view of the falls lit up with the colours of the rainbow. You sweep your eyes around the suite. A massage table was prominent in the middle of the living room. I pull you into the other room where we see a huge king-size bed. We then walk into a huge bathroom, complete with stand up shower with multi shower heads and a soak in jetted tub with steaming water and suds. You can smell that I used one of your favourite bath bombs. As I disrobe you I say, "first I will bathe you love, then I will massage away all your tension and then I will carry you to the bed where we can spend the time in each other's arms."

As each piece of clothing is removed, I kiss your exposed skin. I unbutton your blouse, kissing your neck and shoulders, sucking on an earlobe as my hands caress you. I find the zip to your skirt and let it fall to your feet as I bend to kiss your panty clad bottom. Pressing my nose deep into the crack of your ass and inhaling deeply. I let my fingers quickly rub underneath to cup your pussy. Middle fingers pressing firmly. Before letting my hand fall. I look up at you from my knees. My breath catching as you stand there in the red bra and panty set I love so much. I turn you around to face me, lifting first one leg, then the other as I remove your heels. “please sit on the stool behind you love” and as you do, I lift a foot in my hands and place kisses on your toes. My hands gently caressing your calves as my tongue and lips caress your feet. I reach up to gently tug on your panties as you lift to allow them to slide down your legs. I move between your thighs, kissing slowly upwards. I plant one tender kiss on your pussy as I rise and reach behind you to unfasten your bra.

Shaking it off your shoulders does delicious things to your breasts and I can’t help but give each nipple a lick and kiss. I take your hand and lead you to the tub and assist as you step in and lay back. I quickly disrobe down to my boxer briefs, my desire clear, but restrained for now. I slip in behind you as I reach for some of your favourite soap. I caress your torso, letting the soap lather as my hands slip and slide, cupping your breasts and slipping lower, being careful with the soap around your pussy. I move to an arm, running my fingers down each, letting the soap cleanse you fully. I plant kisses on your neck and ears as I enjoy my task. I reach for a cloth and rinse your body. I gently wipe your face, then turn your head to kiss you deeply. “Turn to face me baby and lay back” As you follow my instruction I grasp an ankle, lifting the leg out of the water and lather and massage first the thigh then the calf and finally the foot. I let it drop slowly as I grasp the other ankle and follow the same gentle manipulations. You are leaning back, eyes closed and enjoying all my caresses, a small smile on your lips. I am teased by the occasional glimpse of your nipples as the water swirls across them and they peek out of the suds.

Once I have ensured your whole body has been cleansed and received the attention, it deserves I pull you back against me and wrap my arms around you. I love feeling you tight against me, letting me show my desire as it presses against your ass. I once again kiss and nip at your neck and ears. We spend a few minutes like this before I reach for the shower wand. Making sure the water is at the right temperature, I signal for you to stand so I can rinse you off. I kneel before you, my eyes excited at the vision I see before me. Your hair piled high on your head looking fabulous after your trip to the hairdresser early this morning. The warm water cascading down your body, your skin glistening in the lights of the room. Once rinsed, I can wait no longer. I move you to the edge of the tub and spread your legs. Lifting one and placing it on the side, allowing me access I crave. No teasing now as I dive in with my tongue and lips,

Hunger does not describe it, ravenous comes close as I press my face into your pussy. I find you wet and it just adds to my frenzy. Sucking and licking on your clit, as fingers tease your entrance, one finger slipping between your ass cheeks to press against that hole. I feel you begin to shudder and double my efforts, sliding a finger inside to pump away as my tongue lashes your clit. I lose the ability to sense my surroundings focused only on the sweet pussy in front of me. It is my entire world right now, and your climax is my whole reason for being. I hear moans off in the distance, and then suddenly you shudder and you grab the back of my head and hold it in place. As I feel your orgasm, I drag my tongue back and forth over your sensitive clit, each time inducing a shiver as you feel aftershocks.

I look up to see you laying back, eyes closed, breathing heavily from the exertion. I reach for the wand once again and rinse you clean of any juice my mouth has missed. Again, you shiver slightly as the stream of water touches your now sensitive clit. Once totally cleansed, I raise up and reach for your hand. As we step out of the tub, I wrap you in a huge warm bath towel before pulling you into my arms, your head on my chest as I softly speak. “the night is still early my dear, and I have much more planned for you. Let’s have a break to refresh ourselves. I have some champagne chilling. We can sit and watch the falls as we rest."

We sit on the sofa in our bathrobes, you leaning back on me I slip a hand inside your robe and cup a breast, my thumb brushing over your nipple slowly, teasing it. I breath your fresh scent in deeply as my other arm hugs you tighter to me. Outside the picture window the rainbow of coloured lights plays against the flowing waters of the Falls. A light mist rising into the air at times diffusing the colours. I softly say “it is a beautiful site, isn’t it my sweet? But it pails in comparison to the view I have of you laying in my arms” We lay this way savouring the view and the closeness, sipping on our flutes of champagne as we tenderly touched each other. I take the empty flute from your fingers as I shift to raise up behind you. I stand and reach for your hand pulling you to your feet. As you stand before me I turn you to face the window, slipping the robe from your shoulders, leaving you standing in naked glory. You shiver knowing that you are bare for the world to see. “No one is lucky enough to see your beauty from this height my dear” Taking you elbow I pull you away from the window and over to the massage table. A bowl of scented oil is being warmed by a small flame on a small table beside. “Climb up and lay face down my sweet” As you climb up I make sure you are comfortable with your head resting and your arms down to your sides. I let a hand stroke your inner thighs as I gently spread your legs apart a little more. Testing the temperature of the oil and finding it perfect I cups my hands and fill them. Moving over to slowly let it slip between my fingers first on your shoulders and then moving lower. As it empties I dip again, this time the oil falls on the wonderful globes of your ass, some seeping between the cheeks to tickle your butthole. Finally I coat each leg and foot. Moving back to your head I begin to ensure the oil is spread all over your exposed skin. Grasping each arm and sliding down to the wrist, sliding from shoulder blades to your waist. I move to your waist as soft music begins to play. With one hand on each cheek I spread the oil, briefly letting fingers spread your cheeks and running between them and lower still to touch ever so briefly on your pussy lips. “this area will get special attention later love, have no fear” as you shiver at the touch on your pussy. Using both hands I grasp a thigh firmly and work the oil down the leg, first one then the other as I finish at the foot of the table, finishing with each toe. I look down as you lay before me, skin glistening in the light and I realize that I need to etch this vision in my brain for all time. I lift a foot as I begin the massage, letting my fingers press firmly into the sole, rubbing first from toe to heel and then from heel to toe. Letting my thumb press into the arch to release any tension. Always careful about using the correct amount of pressure knowing how ticklish you are. Placing one hand on each ankle I slowly slide them up each calf, leaning over as I do. Pressing fingers and thumbs searching for any tightness in your muscles. It is evident that our time together in the tub eased most of your tensions and I switch to caressing each calf as my fingers ease the oil into your skin. Looking up the table as I work your calves I gaze between your legs and lick my lips as I see the moisture on your pussy lips. Tamping down my desire I move to the side of the table and begin to mold and press a thigh, using both hands moving upwards from the knee, higher and higher until one hand is inches away from your pussy. I take my thumb and lightly rub the tender spot at the top of the inner thigh as my fingers “accidentally” brush your lips. I move around and take the same actions on the other thigh including the little tease at the end. Easing up onto the table I swing my leg over to straddle your legs ensuring that I support my weight. Opening my fingers wide I start at your waist and press and massage upwards to your shoulders. Up and back down, kneading and massaging and finally caressing as the tension disappears. As I move upwards one last time I lean over letting my weight press you against the padding of the table whispering “time to flip over love”. I quickly hop off and position a towel under you neck to ensure your comfort. Leaning down I take the time to kiss your lips passionately, letting my tongue dance briefly with yours. I stand and move to the bowl scooping up and moving to drizzle down each leg. Changing my pattern I begin to work your lower legs and thighs leaving you in anticipation of the feel of the oil on your breasts and pussy. No longer firm massages as much as lovers caresses as the tension have long since left here and fled upwards. A different kind of tension building between your legs and in your breasts. Throughout my play I have heard little moans and soft sounds slip from your throat, each sound exciting me knowing that I bring you pleasure. Moving to the bowl once again, I cup my hands and lift them, letting the oil drip to coat each breast. I quickly fill them again and this time drizzle the warm scented oil over your belly and then finally your pussy. Starting at your shoulders I let my hands coat you with glistening oil. Sliding over each breast, fingers swirling around each nipple ensuring I coat each in the fragrant oil. Moving further south my fingers slip across your taut stomach before coming to rest on each hip. I look up to your face and see you laying with your eyes closed and mouth slightly open as you enjoy my hands on your body. My fingers remain firmly gripping each hip as my thumbs point to your belly button. I begin to move them in circular motions, pressing down as they circle. Slowly each hand slips down over your hips as the thumbs continue to press and circle. Once I reach the top of each leg I pause. And gently pull the legs further apart. I move to one side, looking down at your pussy, seeing it glisten and I lick my lips. One hand cups your pussy gently kneading as the other rests just above your clit and begins a gentle massage. “My love, did you know that the clitoris is actually much larger than first believed? That wonderful little button that peaks out is only a small part, the only part that is really visible.” With that I place fingers just above your hood and begin to rub and with the other hand I rub two fingers on each side of your lips moving up and down gently. “it lies just beneath where my fingers are tracing and is just as sensitive as the little button when properly manipulated.” My fingers move all over your pussy but never touch your button or slide between your lips. I feel you begin to squirm as my hands slide all over your pussy. As I rub down your lips my fingers squeeze together lightly pinching them. I change hands and let a finger press against your pussy entrance as the other fingers slip and pinch your labia. I find your dripping and it is easy for a finger to slip inside. It is quickly joined by a second finger as I begin to saw in and out of you. Fingers now move up and give your clit a soft bump, slowly circling it with an occasional touch as I increase the speed of my thrusts inside you. As I penetrate you with two fingers I lean over, moving a hand to your breast to pinch and tweak each nipple. My tongue reaches out searching for that illusive button finding it ready and willing for attention. After lashing it back and forth my lips close down over and suck hard drawing it up into my mouth then pulling back my head slightly and releasing. I continue this sucking and tugging as two fingers saw in and out and others pinch your nipples and caress your breasts. I begin to feel you tense as your orgasm builds, I add a third finger and begin lapping at your clit with my tongue. Your excitement continues to build. My tongue and lips sucking, licking, lapping at your clit, fingers pinching nipples as others fuck your tight pussy. “my love cum for me” I say as I pause and raise my head before quickly going back to the wonderful task of making love to your pussy. Quickly your body begins to quiver and I redouble the efforts of my tongue as it flicks your button. I remove one finger and with the remaining two twist my hand and curl my fingers as they continue to slip in and out but now search for that soft super sensitive illusive g spot. Finally your body shakes and your back arches off the padded table, my face pressing down hard against your pussy to ensure my tongue can continue to lap away at your sweet clit. Fingers making a “come hither” motion as I curl them up inside rubbing against your g spot, and suddenly I pull away as you begin to cum and my mouth dives down wide open in hopes of catching any juices. After lapping away for a brief time I quickly stand and move to the foot of the table. I grasp your ankles and gently slide you down until your pussy is right on the edge. I kneel, letting a leg rest over each shoulder and then dive back in with my mouth and tongue. I suck and lick all over your lips and thighs to capture all your nectar and as I see you beginning to come down I open wide and place my entire mouth over you sucking hard. My tongue works up and down between your lips and flicking your clit then moves down to penetrate. I am in a frenzy as I suck and eat and lick. My whole world shrunk down until it all exists solely between your legs. Holding my mouth tight against your hole I let my tongue search out for any sweet juices left inside while fingers slowly circle your clit. As your shudder subside, my task is to now clean up the mess I have caused. And I eagerly begin. Lapping and licking your thighs and planting kisses everywhere I go. Swiping my tongue between your lips and letting my nose tickle your exposed clit once or twice. As I finish I reached down and find the warm towel I had ready. I slip your legs from off my shoulders as I gently wipe your pussy and thighs. Cleaning what little juices remain after our lovemaking. My hardness in evidence within my briefs I move to the side and lean down to kiss you face. “What a precious gift you are my love” I put one arm under your knees and the other under your back and lift you into my arms. You smile up at me as you enjoy that after effects of your orgasm. “We both need to recharge sweetness before we continue on” I say as I carry you to the bed and place you down. Your hair spreads out across the pillow and you look up at me and my breath catches at the beautiful image I see laying down waiting for me. I move around and climb in beside you, pulling the covers over us, as we spoon together. I pull you tight to me and let my hand gently caress your arms, your thighs and your belly. “Let’s nap for a little while love” but then I realize you have already drifted off to sleep. I lay my head next to yours holding you tight as I join you in slumber, a small smile present for ever more on my face.

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