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Aftercare Podcast - Meet Sunny and Skye

The first episode of Aftercare with Sunny and Skye! In this episode, we talk about who we are, how we met, how we started doing OnlyFans, our own personal sexual journeys before meeting each other, why we have decided to do a podcast, what we've been up to recently, what we're planning with this and just hang out.  

Full Episode Transcript

Skye: Welcome kinky friends. I'm Skye 

Sunny: and I'm Sunny and this is the aftercare podcast 

Skye: where we normalize the conversations around kink and sex and all things in between And today's a super exciting episode because it's episode 1 

Sunny: episode 1 

Skye: so super exciting a little nervous But excited for this journey and yet another platform that we are growing on and learning together as a couple.

On today's episode, we are going to talk about who we are, how we got here, our own personal sexual journey before meeting each other, why a podcast all of a sudden, and obviously just talk about what we've been up to, what we're planning with this and, and just hang out. 

Sunny: Yeah. 

Skye: If you'd like, I will let you explain who we are. Who is Sunny and Skye? Sunny. 

Sunny: So Sunny and Skye, we are an ethically non monogamous couple. We're married. And really we are professional amateur full time content creators in the adult space specifically. We do a lot of like silly comedy stuff on safe work platforms, but yeah, we, we share our sex to the world. And that is our job. 

Skye: It is our job. It started as a hobby. And it slowly grew into a passion project for both of us. And we started to see, I think, the normalization that this world needs around kink and removing shame and just being kinky friends. When people ask who we are we're not porn stars. We are content creators professionally.

That's what we have to call ourselves because we make content, but we're your kinky friends. We're your cheerleaders. We're here to validate you. We're here to make you feel good. We're here to support you. We're here to hear about your day if you have nobody like we are. We're truly in your corner as people, as sex advocates, as sex positive people, and we are learning right alongside you.

Sunny: Yeah. Yeah. And I, and I think it, this rolls right into our next topic of our sexual history and really it's part of how we got here too, but it's, you know, we were not kinky people in our previous relationships or previous lives. We both came from somewhat like sexually repressed histories. Like I was always curious. I always like felt like I was a little hyper sexualized. I mean, wasn't sure I thought I was a sex addict for a little bit just because of how interested and curious I was around sex you know from like the first time I found one of my dad's playboys when I when I was a kid you know, I was just always interested in sex and sexual topics and I had partners that were somewhat willing but you know never was really able to dive into the kink world and never really felt super comfortable You Like exploring some of the things like pegging, which has become a staple of our relationship.

So yeah, my sexual history kind of I wouldn't say it was like super repressed. Like, you know, I, I didn't grow up incredibly repressed in my relationships. I do think I had some opportunity to explore certain things, but it really, I would say blossomed. Once, once we got together and through sharing, it really has helped us realize that like all of these things that we have done together and how like inspirational and how normalizing it can be for other people.

They're like, I want to do that. And you guys are like, Miele, you're doing it. That's cool. Like maybe I can do it too. And so that's been a really cool part of just like going through our, my own personal sexual journey. I don't know if you want to talk about yours. 

Skye: I do. Mine has a lot of trauma in it. But I also remember, I also remember reading my grandpa's playboy and coming across it and actually reading it like it was, it's full of great stories if you've ever read a playboy and it's also just a very beautiful interpretation of women.

I grew up in a very small town in Wyoming. No sex education whatsoever. I got my period very young. I didn't know what was happening to my body and I Was a very hypersexual person as well without a support system or a group or any education behind it and I remember when I told my mom that I'd lost my virginity at 14 and she started crying and Screaming at me like I had just died did the worst thing in the entire world.

And that taught me from a really young age that I didn't have a safe space to, to talk to people. And I, I know that she didn't mean anything bad by it. I also know her history with sex as well. And, And from there, I just felt a lot of shame, a lot of shame around my body, a lot of shame around my desires, a lot of shame around my curiosity with women. I always knew that I thought girls were cute, but I was always told that was a phase and something that we don't do in Wyoming. But I was, I was very much slut shamed in high school. I was the girl that would send pictures of my boobs and then the next day the entire high school would have that. And so I learned to also not be able to trust people and, and that consent was incredibly important.

And so. There's a lot of power in what I do now with the fact that I now put pictures of myself out on the internet and there's a lot of power behind Being able to own that from a lot of past experiences. I was not a kinky person I always knew that I liked kinky porn, but I also didn't even know what kink was. My understanding of it was from like 50 Shades of Grey and it was just this dark really hard, domy stuff and that was attractive to me, but I didn't even know how to approach it. It seemed incredibly unapproachable and very closed off if you weren't already in the kink community, but there was no secret to get into the kink community kind of thing. And I, I then almost married somebody who would shame me for masturbating. I remember coming home one day and all of my sex toys were on the bed and they were broken because I was cheating on him by watching porn and pleasuring myself. So once again taught shame around my body shame around my curiosities.

I would hide in the dark closet to masturbate Which is is heartbreaking and crazy to think about and when I got out of this relationship that was abusive on so many different levels not just sexually You I then advocated for myself and started leaning into those curiosities and those porn and, and dating kinkier guys dating men that were, were polyamorous or pansexual, and just dipping my little toes into that a little bit, and then I met you.

And we created a foundation around curiosity within the first week of, of Sunny and I became best friends before we ever dated, which I really do think is something that a lot of people are missing. It was something I never had in a relationship was a friendship. And with that friendship, we started talking about what porn we liked very early on.

I remember the first porn you ever sent me, like you were terrified to send this porn to me. Yeah. Yeah. 

Sunny: That was like after this second time we had sex, I think, but it was like forced orgasm, like tied to the bed. The guy stayed clothed the whole time. Like total total just pleasure Dom. I am a pleasure Dom. Like that is something that like. I've always loved giving pleasure and I was like This is this isn't even I mean, it's for me But like do you like do you like this because it's gonna be for you and for me 

Skye: And then within like two weeks, we did it. Yeah recreated this and and I think that was a really incredible thing was showing each other the porn that we would like and and being really open to the interest that each other had in it without shame just full curiosity and asking the question. Okay, what about this turns you on? What do you like? Let's learn it and try it. I've never done anything like this before but We can give it a go. Yeah, and it turns out we loved it yeah, so and and my favorite porn was obviously like group stuff and rough stuff and and bisexual stuff, which that'll be a whole different episode.

Was able to create a safe space with me where we really do learn and we practice new things together and we're excited to try new things together. 

Sunny: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I know you, you, you kind of touched on it a little bit, but do you want to jump into like how we got here, roll back the clock all the way to when we met until, and then run our way through back up to.


Skye: Do we want to give that the full story? Yeah. Yeah. Let's do it. I met you on July 8th of 2021. At dinner, I, I was, I was dating Sunny's best friend at the time. Yep. I had, I 

Sunny: had just come from my final therapy session with my ex that I was with for seven years. And then we, off and on for a year and then did like six months of therapy and I met Skye the day of the last session, like literally an hour after we finally closed that book.

Skye: And I didn't know, I didn't know who, I had heard who Sunny was. I didn't know who he was. He, when I met him, he was kind of sad boy, obviously going through a lot of stuff. I was just his friend's girlfriend. There was not much conversation to be had. We had just met each other at this point. And then we had started, he started hanging out with obviously his best friend more, I was around more, and Sunny and I had a lot of similar interests.

Yeah. We had a lot of similar conversations, the way we thought about the world was the same. It was really easy to hang out with you. Yeah. I remember talking on the phone with you for hours and there was, there was nothing romantic, like it was, Truly a platonic friendship. We would go climbing together.

Sunny: That was a big thing. It 

Skye: was a huge thing I i'm pretty scared of falling. And we were sport climbing and he's the first person I ever actually took a whip with. But he didn't know that either. Like he's just yapping the whole time in this video. Just talking and I'm just shaking and terrified and I finally fall and he's still just talking like he doesn't know how big of a deal this was for me until. You I don't know, probably a month later when I finally told him that that was a really, really big moment of of our friendship of me being able to trust him with What I thought was my life.

Sunny: Mm hmm. Yeah, and that was the fall was probably the that specific moment I think was in like late august. Something like that 

Skye: We would go climbing and after climbing we would like we had a like a routine or a ritual almost like we would go climbing And then we would go hang out in boulder creek and barefoot and just cool down And then we would go to the dark horse and and get some food. Do you want to fix that?

Sunny: Lighting. Thank you, Aspen. Yeah, it's good. Oh, yeah. By the way, this thing on the ottoman here, this is, this is Maya. She's going to maybe become a fixture. She might run off and bark at something, but yeah, I guess acknowledging the animal that's on the ottoman right there. She's alive. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She's, she's in cat mode apparently, but this is Maya, but yeah. So that, that, that day was probably in August, September. We also hung out as a group. Yeah. Just. Totally platonic friends. Like I was dating. I was going on bumble dates. 

Skye: It was helping him. Yeah I had set him up with my roommate like I would ask him how his dates went I would wish him luck on his dates like we truly were best friends. Yeah, like I genuinely had an interest in his happiness and his relationships and was just happy to hang out with him when I could 

Sunny: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. No, you were you were off limits in my mind 

Skye: And you were the same. Yeah. Yeah And then that changed. Yeah, 

Sunny: and then yeah, and then we went to a concert at Red Rocks and everything changed. Yeah, I became safe, safe space daddy. 

Skye: So I'll be fully transparent. We were at a Deadmau5 show. And we had been hanging out in the parking lot and he looked absolutely ridiculous.

I don't know if you can imagine Sunny with long hair. 

Sunny: I can put up a picture. I can do a picture and picture. Only a mustache. Yeah. 

Skye: This dude's wearing like, sneakers with like, velvet leggings and a fur coat and this hat, like he's just dripping in sex. 

Sunny: It was hot. 

Skye: He looked absolutely ridiculous, but I also just loved how he would just hang out and be himself and I don't know, he was easy to be with, which was really new for me in my life with all my history of, of abuse and trauma.

I felt safe with this person. And the guy that I was dating, his best friend ended up giving me two points of Molly, which. way too much in my books. Like I am very, very sensitive to stimulants. And I started feeling it and we were very close to the soundcheck. Like we were right up front, we were packed in.

I'm, I'm an introvert. I have space issues. Sometimes I don't love people like strangers right up pushing against me. And his friend was having the time of his life and I was some of the most scared I'd ever been. Like I was, I was on the verge of a panic attack. And so we just were not on the same page and looking back, like, I'm sorry.

That's all I can say, but we were not on the same page, and I was feeling really unsafe. I was not having fun. I wanted to get out of there and I also felt really unseen by this person who, who just kept giving me drugs and not acknowledging what it was doing to me and not at a good time. And I turned around and I looked at this this dude in this fur coat and this hat and this long hair.

He just looked at him and he just like waved at me and then he motioned for me to come back and at that point I just I told his friend I was gonna go back and just hang out we were in a big group So I wasn't leaving him. But I went and sat next to you and I remember just holding onto your leg for like dear life at Red Rocks.

You're standing. I'm holding on to your leg and I immediately felt safe. Like I I was seen I was protected you were like whispering Meditations in my ears. Yeah Yeah, 

Sunny: I was I was still on the the the self help self love Train pretty hard. So yeah, I had a lot of stuff I still do have a lot of stuff memorized, but this was like a big mantra.

And yeah, I was just I Don't know. I just saw you when I was doing everything I could to make sure that you Yeah, you felt safe and you weren't just alone While everybody it was like oblivious 

Skye: It was, it was really nice. I did feel safe. And it was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to me. Like, coming out of my relationships and being in a relationship with somebody that didn't really see me for who I was and was trying to fix everything about me, like, I felt like it's okay if I was broken because you, you didn't need to fix the broken parts.

Sunny: No. 

Skye: So, yeah, it was, it was nice. And then that moment changed a lot for me. I didn't know what was going to happen, but I knew like immediately, like I had loved you more than I had ever loved anybody in my entire life. And it was a different kind of, it was immediate. Like it 

Sunny: was, 

Skye: it was overwhelming. And also I think like the drugs obviously made me feel super 

Sunny: extra fluffy and toughy. Yeah, but they, I feel like, I don't know, especially like, especially with something like Molly, like it can be. It can be misinterpreted, you know, like I don't think that that created love I just think it like opened like it kind of like broke those barriers down We both might have had around like we can't do this or we can't feel this way about each other and it just like I don't know just kind of like opened that door.

Skye: Yeah. No, I don't think it created the love. If it did, I don't think we would be here. No, I think that 

Sunny: would have worn off by now, yeah. Yeah. 

Skye: But I, I know that that was a very, very hard thing, like. You had been a part of this friend group for like eight years And you were at a crossroads and I wasn't gonna obviously make you do anything I was I was already stepping out of this relationship This person had already cheated on me like this was not a good relationship for me to be in and I was already leaving this and I remember you came over to my house like two days afterwards.

Mm-Hmm. You went on a date the day before. I did, yeah. On a date the day before. Because you were still like, I don't know, I can't do this, man. Like this is a lot. Like, it was, it was a big thing. You came over to my house two days after. I was taking a bubble bath. I ordered modern market and you showed up at the house. I gave you my food. 

Sunny: Yeah. I ate some of your food. Yeah. No, I remember. I remember when you were texting me and I was driving over and you were like, I'm really. nervous or anxious. And I just remember like anxiety is something that I am very familiar with. And I, I always try to remind myself and I did, I shared this with you because it's something I had learned through my own personal work is that anxiety is a form of excitement.

It is, it is a fear based excitement, but it still is an excitement, and that's one thing I wanted to like bring into that is that there was some excitement around this, but it doesn't have to be bad, you know, it doesn't have to be scary, like we, and you know, we, we should talk about what, what happened and what had been happening without us, you know, acknowledging it before.

So yeah, I went over to your house and we talked, and we hung out for Way way longer than I thought than I thought. Yeah. No, we we you like had some errands to do I was like i'll come with.  

Skye: there was so much electricity in that car. Like yeah Palpable little sparks because we weren't also I wasn't gonna do anything yet.

Like we were going really slow with it. And I remember asking you I was like, what do you what do you want to do? Do you remember what you said? 

Sunny: Yeah I said, I don't know but i'll follow you anywhere. Yeah Yeah, 

Skye: and now we're here 

Sunny: Yeah And then yeah, we kind of stuck around a little bit for a little bit We had to.

Skye: It was, yeah, it wasn't great. I would never have met you any other way. 

Sunny: No, but, but we, we did come clean shortly after. 

Skye: Yeah. Big explosion. 

Sunny: Big, big fallout, which was okay. I mean, you, I didn't want anything else. I was willing to give up everything. 

Skye: Felt awful. Like this was his community for, for eight years and it's taken us two years to rebuild a community.

It has been a, it's a hard thing to do if anybody knows like community building and friendship is, is hard when you're an adult. 

Sunny: Yeah. Yeah. But we yeah, once we, once we were together and I mean, we started spending every day with each other. One of my favorite questions you ever asked me was what do you think about marriage?

And I was like, I don't know like I don't really care for it all that much Like I just want to be with somebody and I don't need you know paper ceremony all of that 

Skye: Well, we were both engaged. Yeah, we had both really toxic engagements like neither of us wanted to do that again

Sunny: Yeah, yeah, and you were like, yeah, I feel the same way. I was like cool. Let's get married then so like yeah, I would say within I don't even know like it was weeks of actually being together like when we were like, okay, we are together now like 

Skye: four weeks. Yeah together like we started planning a wedding It was like I don't know if any of you have a breeding kink but like the idea of breeding somebody turns somebody on so much. That's how marriage was for us It was just like yeah, we couldn't get enough of the idea of spending the rest of our lives together. 

Sunny: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, and then of course, all while that, like, we, you know, were deciding to get married extremely quickly, we started having just incredible sex. Like the best sex we had both had in our entire lives like like explored things So quickly talked about things so quickly like I think the second time we had sex you were like, how do you feel about anal?

I was like, I misinterpreted it as you were asking me. I was like finally somebody's gonna play with my butt. Oh, man I've wanted to do pegging for so long and and then you're like, oh I was like, Oh, Oh, you, you want me to, Oh yeah, it's cool. Like I'll do that too. And just like, we opened that door so quickly and just like started really like diving into our fantasies and, and just that, I don't know, that was something that I, I know I never had.

And you never had either was just that unashamed nonjudgmental, like just, you know, tell me, yeah, let's do it. Let's try it. I mean, If it's not me that'll try it, we'll get someone to try it with you or whatever it is. But like, we are completely invested in each other's, like, curiosity, pleasure, whatever that looks like.

And that, that was like, immediate, like, once we were decided to be together and we were intimate Yeah, we just like our sex life was Unmatched. 

Skye: Yeah, we we asked each other what toys we had. We brought them into play like he taught me how to use them on him I showed him how to use them on me. Yeah, we had a threesome The same day we got engaged.

Yep. We we started exploring group play pretty early on like we knew we wanted with it. We started talking about boundaries. We talked and our boundaries changed pretty quickly. I think our only boundary that we have with group play is that we don't sleep in the same bed because it's impossible. 

Sunny: Oh yeah.

Like we've 

Skye: tried man and we just tried last week. Keep 

Sunny: trying. 

Skye: Because you want to say no to these cute girls. They want to cuddle and I'm like, I can't. But I also don't mind like sleeping alone on the couch. Like I'm happy with you. And that's the thing is I'm happy if he wants to sleep there. We just don't. Cannot sleep three in a bed. 

Sunny: No. And yeah, that, I guess that is something too, with that, like opening, blowing those doors off, like, you know, when we talked about being together and, you know, getting married or whatever. We also talked about not wanting to like limit each other's experiences with other people.

And that was a huge thing. Like we knew we were non monogamous immediately. Like that is something that, that was also day one. 

Skye: I used to think something was wrong with me because I always had thoughts of like being with other people when I was in these relationships. And like, I was always broken, but it's just human nature.

Like we have attraction, we have these desires, like it's fun to flirt. It's fun to be attracted to people. And it's really cool to have a partner to be like, She's super cute and he's like, yeah, or he's super cute and he's like, yeah, like you don't even need to act on it But sometimes the idea Of just the fantasy behind it is really nice rather than just being attacked and shamed for having these thoughts Yeah, and then you don't have a safe space to have any thoughts 

Sunny: Yeah. No, it's it's it's really cool it's really cool and then so I think like I don't know. That was probably like December to like, let's say March, something like that. And then I don't know exactly, like people ask us all the time, like, when did you decide to start OnlyFans? And I have no clue. Like, I don't remember.

Skye: Our relationship is just like this muddled mess of love.

Sunny: Yeah. I mean, we got married in the summer of 2022 and we got approved on a Fansly a few weeks before that. So we had started, we had obviously talked about it. So I always, I think like April or May. 

Skye: Yeah, I think we got started on Fansly in May and then finally got approved for OnlyFans cause it took forever to get verified the day before our wedding or day before our elopement.

Sunny: Yeah. And, but like when we decided to do it, I think we were just like, talking, you know about sex, you know, when we were doing, we were still exploring all these things. And one of the things that came up was like, have you ever recorded your sex? And I had never had the opportunity to do that or very limited opportunity.

Skye: I didn't trust anybody enough to do something. Yeah, 

Sunny: of course. Yeah. Yeah. And there's no 

Skye: emotional blackmail is a scary thing. 

Sunny: Yeah. It's a very common thing. Yeah. There are. There are. Revenge porn loss for a reason, unfortunately, but that was something we talked about and then I had also seen someone that had done OnlyFans and she had mentioned that like, she, you know, made a couple thousand dollars.

And I was like, that sounds cool. Like we have great sex. 

Skye: You're all about passive income. 

Sunny: Yeah. Yeah. A little here and there, here and there, here and there. So I was like, that'd be cool. Like travel money, whatever. Like we have kinky sex. I've never recorded it. It'd be fun to, you know, have our little porn stash when we're, 

Skye: Asexual 90 year olds.

Sunny: like ours now we have like YouTube's worth but and I think so that's how we decided to do it And then we 

Skye: just put up a camera neither of us had any experience actually doing this our first our first two Sex tapes are awful. Like they are there's something we look back on but I had like this cheetah bedding with this green velvet comforter and this orange like it was a Cleopatra got his bed, but it was so ugly on camera.

It looked awful, but we started and you gotta start somewhere and we learned how to market. He has a little bit of background in marketing. That's what he did before this. And I had no experience in even taking a picture of myself, but we learned. 

Sunny: Yeah. Yeah. And we just, it was actually crazy timing too, because I think the week after we got back from our elopement and we had, you know, actually started doing OnlyFans, I was laid off.

So I, like, immediately this was now something that, you know, would help supplement our income. I think it ended up taking me like 11 weeks to get another job. And luckily for us, like we did We did make enough to like bridge that gap. But you were still working full time. Yeah. You were still working full time.

Yeah. I, yeah. I didn't end up getting unemployment until like right after I like got a new job, which was, was weird, but, but but yeah, we started, you know, we started marketing on Reddit and you know, our income grew and it was able to fill that gap until I got another job. I think that was like, what, September?

And then we just kind of kept doing it on the side and it just kind of kept growing. We had our first collab in October with another couple. And 

Skye: also our first foursome ever. Yeah. First foursome. Like that was a super wild experience. We learned a lot from that experience. Yeah. We'll talk about it sometime 

Sunny: in depth.

Skye: Yeah, we learned a lot about that, but that's the really cool thing. A lot of our firsts are also recorded and on camera. So not only do we have that, but we can share that with other people who are also trying to explore these things for the first time. 

Sunny: Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Skye: But we started on Reddit. I had no experience with Reddit at all.

I never used Reddit. He used Reddit for porn in the past, but never as a creator. 

Sunny: Reddit was my, my porn, my private porn stash. And Well, I finally got on the other side of it and I was like, Oh, this is how you like actually gain traction on Reddit. So yeah, yeah, that was our primary promotion channel pretty much up until 

Skye: I would say March of the following year. March of 2023

Sunny: So yeah. 

Skye: After I quit my job. 

Sunny: Yeah. But that whole time we were both working full time. We were filming when we could mostly doing just Reddit and OnlyFans just kept going. So yeah. Yeah. It, it just kept growing and growing and I, I would say, when was it, it was about February of 23. We were both unhappy in our industries and our, in our specific companies for a while, and it, we, we hit that point in February where we were like, I'm gonna jump, I'm gonna do it.

Skye: Well, it didn't make sense for me to stay at my job anymore. Yeah. Like, it's terrifying. It was absolutely the, the scariest thing professionally that I've ever done. Was to make this leap but I mean working full time. I was I was barely making any money each month And I was exhausted and I was still also trying to full time content create And we finally had a month that I made more In a what is a day a week 

Sunny: I think it was more, we made more in one day than your two week paycheck was.

Skye: And that's when I was like, we have to figure out what this is. It may not last forever, but I need to focus on this. 

Sunny: Well, and you were also capped out. It was 

Skye: capped. And I also was not getting the bonuses I was supposed to be getting. Like just corporate hoops, man. 

Sunny: Yep. So you jumped. In February of 23. And then I was just like, I had it too good.

Like, I think I'm safe saying it now, but I was working a full time job and I had a contract, a full time contract. So I was like double dipping and just making an obscene amount of money a month. Plus healthcare. Was 

Skye: sitting around fucking off for a little bit, 

Sunny: sitting around fucking off, like, holy shit. It was great. But it was also boring. Like that's the thing. And I'm sure a lot of people that have worked from home, I worked from home for seven years. Like I had been in, in the shit way before COVID happened. And when you're in a certain organizations that you can just kind of hide in, there's Sure, it's great.

You're, you're making money for doing little, but you're, you're also, one, waiting to get fired. You're like, somebody's got to know. And two, you're just like, I'm not really doing anything. And it doesn't matter how much you pay me. Like I, I have to be near this computer all day. Like I am still stuck with you.

So yeah, I continued to do that until Mid April because our, again, our income just continued to grow, especially as you were able to focus on 

Skye: Oh man, I was like making TikToks in the kitchen of this super small apartment. Yeah. Trying to figure out how to TikTok. I avoided this app my entire life.

And now here I am dancing in the kitchen. And the neighbors can see. 

Sunny: And it worked. 

Skye: Oh, and it worked. It worked. It was ridiculous. I remember wearing like a superhero cape with your wrestling singlet. Oh, yeah. Whipping around a dildo. Yeah. Captain Peggy, like. 

Sunny: Yeah. Yeah. But, but. Yeah, once you were able to focus on it, it made a difference.

And I was, yeah, I was still not available. Also, you had a lot more free time too. You were like, Hey, let's go have fun. And I'm like, computer 

Skye: I'm going to go, I guess, but, 

Sunny: Yeah, it hit the point. It did, it did hit that point in early April where I was like, it's not even worth it. And if I can help too, we can just keep this going and it can, and it, we can live a way more fun and free life and yeah, it's scary as hell.


Skye: I remember sitting on the couch with you and you say you were never gonna do it. Couldn't. Yeah. You're like, couldn't do it. I will never make the move to. Create content full time. 

Sunny: No, it's too scary, too unpredictable. Yeah, 

Skye: I remember you saying never and then within months you were like, alright. Yeah, I think give it a go.

Sunny: I think it's it's been over a year now. So two weeks ago, I think was like a year of me quitting my my full time job and I was in. And I was in corporate America for 10 years, yeah, so yeah, it was a big big shift but yeah, and then after that it was just off to the races like Sunny and Skye figuring out how to make a business out of this. 

Skye: Make a business like neither of us knew how to start everything like we didn't know what an LLC was or an S Corp or a C Corp or how to do our taxes like this.

Yeah. Like we knew none of this stuff. Yeah. 

Sunny: Yeah. 

Skye: I worked in health care for 12 years. 

Sunny: Yeah. Yeah. And we, we started to like really build this community. Like we were able to focus on not just doing the things that like one brought us revenue and enabled, you know, a certain lifestyle, but like, we really were able to hone in on like what this was to us, like we always had the foundation of it, but we were able to really like, you know, we got like logos, we, we worked on messaging.

Like we, we really were able to, to own this and to let people be a part of that. You know, like. Our fans and our friends online guide a lot of what we do. Like, you know, we're very 

Skye: collaborative. Yeah. We don't like, that is a thing like you'll hear fans and subscribers and stuff when it like refers to OnlyFans, but we call everybody friends.

Like we're your kinky friends. You're our kinky friends. Like we wouldn't be here without you guys. We also wouldn't have a podcast without you guys. Like this was so requested from our friends online that we finally made this step. Yeah. I don't know. It turned into obviously a hobby, but I'm the type of person that I needed it to be something that I was passionate about.

It was something that I needed to learn. It's something I needed to grow in. And as somebody who worked as an ICU animal nurse for 12 years. It's literally bringing animals back from the dead. Like I needed to take care of, of people in a different way. It's, it's selfishly something that I, I need. The little helper in me needs to feel like she has a purpose at times and, and can also help people in any way she can, whether that's healthy or not.

We're working on that with therapy, but. I, I always, I just saw this whole of, of this need of this conversation of bringing these topics up into the public eye, not to normalize kinks, kinksters. We don't want things normalized, but we want the conversation around it to be de stigmatized. We want little less shame when it comes to things maybe not even labeling things at times when they don't feel appropriate, but just starting the conversation and.

having self awareness around it and just being a safe space for, for anybody and everybody. We've had friends on our, our OnlyFans now that we talk to every single day. I could tell you so much about these people. They send me pictures of their meals. They tell me about their lives. Like I get to hear about their traumas.

People will come in. and send me book long message basically that they've never been able to tell anybody else and I can't tell you how grateful I am to be that space for people and how honored I am and how truly cherished I feel with that gift and like the responsibility I put on myself to also Give care to those people and to make sure that I'm being the best resource I can or find them the best resource 

Sunny: Yeah, no, it's it's really cool because we we do share so much about ourselves and even more so with this like I Again, this is something that people have asked for like anytime we've gone live, you know They're like we just like hearing you hang out and talk and 

Skye: it was cool.

Thank you. Yeah. Thanks. So yeah Yeah, 

Sunny: but we do share so much that people come in and they're, they, they know us and they want us to know them. You know, they, they, they see us literally, you know, naked.  

Skye: My butthole is all over the internet . Like, if that's not an icebreaker, I don't know what is. Yeah. 

Sunny: So, so they, they, they feel so comfortable coming in and just saying, you know, I've, I've seen you be as vulnerable as you possibly could be in every single way.

Whether it's silly tiktoks or serious educational talks or, you know. Intimate porn, they, they, they see it all and they're in there. It kind of opens them up as well. And that's, that's really, really cool. So, yeah, we are just hoping that this podcast does that even more, you know, does just show more of us.

Like, yeah, we, we, we do different content types and this is just another type to, to help you see Sunny and Skye and who we are and what we're about. So, yeah, I think. And the reason we're calling it aftercare is that is like Part of our foundation, like aftercare is something I honestly didn't even really know. I was doing it all.

Skye: Do you wanna explain what aftercare is? Most people don't even know what aftercare is. Yeah. 

Sunny: Yeah. So aftercare is the time after intimacy. Usually it is the time after, you're kind of all done, whether that's an orgasm or not, you know, sex doesn't have to be girl oriented.

It's more just like, okay, we're, we're, we're, we're done doing the things. And but, but you don't want to get up like after care is, is the time where you still be with each other in that space. You share that intimate space and you, you take care of each other in whatever way You need, whether that's cuddling, whether that's words of affirmation, whether that's food, water, whether that's a blanket, whether that's touch or, or whether that is.

Some separate time as well, you know that that is a form of aftercare, but it's all around giving each other What that person needs after you've had your form of intimacy, especially after times of intense intimacy especially when you have more intense scenes like impact or Power play or just different dynamics that you you can't leave a vacuum after something like that.

So that At least I think is my understanding of aftercare. I don't know if you want to add anything. I think 

Skye: that's perfect. 

Sunny: Yeah 

Skye: Yeah, and everybody defines aftercare differently and I think that can be broken down in your negotiation But it is important to ask your partner What do you need right now?

What can I give you? And just not break that energy yet. We're so used to getting up and throwing somebody a towel or getting up and going pee. So we don't get a UTI. And I'm not saying lay there. So you get a urinary tract infection. I'm just saying maybe sit for five minutes and just think each other and hold each other and kiss each other.

And we even debrief, we talk about what we liked, what we didn't like. Not sometimes what we didn't like if it was like a weird new position that we tried We high five each other like there's a lot of encouragement and love that goes into it That I think is missed and I've never had aftercare before Sunny.

Sunny: Yeah, and we check in That's one thing is like obviously if things happen in the moment, you know, we stop and we're like, okay, is everything okay? Okay, go back. But then that is also another time especially for me to recheck in and say hey Like I, I, I still do remember this. I didn't breeze past it just to continue.

Like I want to talk about that thing specifically and, and make sure that it's addressed fully and, and we can know what to do with it, not to do with it, things like that. So I think it's a good time to like, you know, kind of recount, you know, we like to Yeah, our debriefing, you know, almost watching the play tapes.

Obviously we have play tapes now, but if you're not recording, you know, there are still things that if you bring up while you remember it it can be really helpful for your next times. So yeah, like you said, and like I mentioned to you, I didn't realize I was doing aftercare for so long. It's not something I looked at.

It's not something I paid attention to. It was just something I did. It was just, it was, you know, I, I was always like getting someone like a warm towel or honestly, my thing is to like, not move. Like when we're done, I, I stay inside. Yeah. I stay inside. I've had, I've had two women actually be like, what is this?

This is wonderful. What are you doing right now? Do you see what he's doing? I like it. Like last week. And it's just something, I'm like, I'm not ready to, I'm not done. Like, like I'm done, but like, I'm not, we're, we're not fully done yet. Like we are still, you know, in 

Skye: a heightened state. Yeah, like I'm together.


Sunny: I need to catch my breath, too 

Skye: No, but in their group plate, it's something that we also really do try to incorporate all the time every time We've had a couple of of group experiences when they're done They're just like walk away and they're done and it's like no no, no come back here. Like This isn't how we play and and it's okay if that's how you play But let's just talk about it for a second before you just walk away and after here's a really great way to like talk about things before they ever become triggers or trauma Like if you have a really intense Bondage scene or impact scene and you don't know if that was okay Like that's a time like sunny said to check in and be like "Was that okay?"

How hard I hit you where I hit you. Like that is where you can learn as a Dom. That is where you can learn as a sub and understand the power that you both have in that dynamic. 

Sunny: Yeah. Yeah. So because it is such a foundational part of us, we decided to name our podcast after care and we're not always going to.

Do our podcasts like after we have sex or anything. Didn't have, yeah, we didn't have sex. It would be fun. It'd be fun to like start a podcast and then cut it and then come back all disheveled and finish it up. So maybe, maybe, but, but yeah. No, we, we just thought that aftercare was a really fitting name, not only with who we are, but just what we, what we preach around communication, around sex.

Skye: Yeah. And for these intimate conversations. Yeah. Great. We have about 12 minutes. You want to talk about what we've been, where, where did we just go? 

Sunny: So yeah, a part of this podcast and it'll probably, I think at the beginning, the format's going to change. We don't know what we're doing. But I think a great way to start the podcast, we're going to wrap it up this way because you need to know all of what we just told you, apparently you're still there.

Yeah. We don't know how often we're going to record this. We would like to do every two weeks, but we have no idea. But we always just want to catch you up with what we've been up to. You know, what we've got going on. And, and just kind of, yeah, get, get you up to speed. And what we've done, where we're going since we last chatted.

So we're going to do that now. And we just got back from Costa Rica last Saturday. So like five days ago, six days ago, what is time? And we went on our first like creator house tour. It was the, the first experience we've had where we got graciously invited by the Naked Bakers to go to Costa Rica and join a bunch of people from their community and just explore a really rad place.

Like Costa Rica is, is someplace I've always heard about and we love the tropics. We do. Yeah. We really do want to live on a beach. We like beach. But not Florida. Or Texas. But we yeah, so we were just in Costa Rica for five days. It was just Amazing people. What a, like just a wonderful group of people, very chill, like just riding four wheelers around the jungle and seeing the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen.

And I grew up in Florida. Like it was just such a, such an incredible place with wonderful people. So we were there for five days. 

Skye: I got to ride four wheelers naked. Yeah. Like Wyoming redneck girl. I mean, it was so psyched on the beach. Like just 

Sunny: cookies on the beach. Yeah, just play in the waves and, and yeah, we took some, some super beautiful pictures.

That is, that is something that I'm, I'm really enjoying with the cameras that we have now. And yeah, we just spent a lot of time just. I don't know just doing whatever we wanted 

Skye: hanging 

Sunny: out. Yeah, 

Skye: we like to hang out together. 

Sunny: Yeah, we do. She's snoring. She is

Skye: Yeah, so we went to costa rica five days there and then Wednesday of next week. We are actually going to Joshua Tree for a birthday party. Yeah, it is. Ben's birthday from Piper Quinn. Wonderful human. I love her so much. I have a little crush on her. Piper. Piper. And Tabby No Name is also going to be there.

Yep. So excited to connect with them and build a stronger, stronger friendship. I don't think we're going to collab, which I think is really cool. We're just going to hang out as friends. 

Sunny: Yeah. Yeah. We're just going to go get weird in the desert. Maybe take some pictures and fly around my new drone that's like coming.

Skye: Is it at the door? I 

Sunny: don't know. But yeah, again, just to. I don't know. It's really cool to like, we, we started this on our own and we have like built a community of, of like minded people that, you know, do this in some capacities, sometimes not even full time, but still, you know, Share our values and are just just want to do fun stuff with so 

Skye: yeah community is cool.

Sunny: Yeah community is cool So yeah, we're doing that next week. And I think that's really it. I think 

Skye: I hope that's it. We're tired Yeah, I'm not gonna complain that we just went to Costa Rica That's our tree, but we're ready to be home with these little chicken nuggets and yeah and hang out with you guys. So Yeah, is there anything else you want to talk about?

Sunny: No, I think that's more than enough. 

Skye: Yeah. Thank you guys. Yeah, we're stuck around with us Incredibly excited for this journey on where this is gonna go and just these casual conversations around all the things and Eventually, we'll have guests on here and always a dog of some sort 

Sunny: Yeah, I don't know wandering 

Skye: around.

Sunny: Yeah, and Oh, 

Skye: yeah. Yeah. So we do have a little merch line. They're just cute little shirts and they're going to be growing into kinky shirts and festival shirts and stuff, but, there's a shop on there. If you ever want to, want to wear anything and match us we'll obviously feature you on our, our socials and we appreciate your support.

Any of the kindness that you can just help us spread in this world, but thank you guys for hanging out with us. Be sure to follow us on all of our socials to keep up with all of our silly shenanigans and funny skits and educational talks. There's going to be a whole bunch of new platforms coming to you soon.

So we'll also update you on that. But as always, we connect with everybody every single day on OnlyFans. So if you ever actually have a question, you want to chat, you want to share anything, like, I love seeing. See you as much as you love seeing us. So that's a safe space for you to share if you've never had one.

We, we always chat on sunny and Skye is our OnlyFans. You can find that through our website as well. So, but yeah, let us know if you have any questions. I appreciate you guys so, so much. So until next time, I hope you guys stay curious and kinky and kind. 

Sunny: Yeah. We'll see you later.

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